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I will regret this ;B top five current comics you are reading.

You are brave. Brave brave brave. :B I will stick to paper comics rather than webcomics too :B

1. MARVEL Now - The Punisher

Frank Castle has moved to L.A. and befriended a coyote. He called it Loot.  It’s great. It doesn’t require any previous Punisher knowledge. Frank wears a Hawkeye shirt. It’s perfect. I grow impatient waiting between issues :’D like a kid.

2. Manifest Destiny

Borderline racist, though an interesting take on an old concept. Nice art, nice pacing. I’m reading it mostly for thesis work but it’s pretty enjoyable? I like how refreshing it is to see this take on the wild west, no cowboys in jeans yet.

3. All New Ghost Rider

Amazing art. AMAZING ART. Also, succeeded a lot better than Ms Marvel in introducing a minority character without smashing it down yor throat or going OTT on narration (go read Ms Marvel tho, it’s still good)

4. Lumberjanes

Albeit I’m not entirely drawn into this comic yet, it seems to be setting itself up to blow some killer punches. Great cast, cute art, pro-women comic. It’s also really… enjoyable? It’s not trying to be edgy, it’s just fun and it’s not trying to be gritty.

5. The Dream Merchant

I don’t know if this counts because it’s halfway through it’s six issue run and #4 hasn’t come out yet and there’s no obvious reason why? Either way, I love this comic’s use of colour the depict dreams vs reality.

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Ask me my “TOP 5” anything!

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 Bulbasaur - Submitted By serenlax

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I had to choose between headache and no work, or looking goofy and getting work done.

Blah. today continues to get worse

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OOC: Just a quick question from an artist how to you make the lines around...lets say the light blue lines around you Kill La Kill 'gonna protect girlfriend' picture?


use the select tool,then select the ‘fuzzy’ transparency to the max. 

then click on what you desire to outline. 

then make a new layer down that one, select the bucket and fill in the selected space. 

when you unselect you’ll have this 

see? it has the blue outline, that’s how i do it. uvu 

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My head is pounding because I am having to wear my glasses due to an irritation in my right eye.


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Easier to view version.

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I only had to shade and finish the tattoos on this, but it still took over two hours. see bigger on my devART

Ronnie is my oldest character, this is his latest redesign. And Hannibal, his murder turkey.

I will never draw those tattoos again.

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I drew this a while back, Beowulf is the antagonist in mine and La’s nuzlocke run

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My essay is basically how many times can I say “hook up” “have sex” and “orgies” without actually saying it.

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